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    In 8900 failed entry wireless synchronization in option of adressbook. I have only grey field and can not activate synchronization. Of course I checked service book and also resend it through blackberry server. It didn┤t help.
    I solved this problem only after I disabled and then enable again wireless synchronization in BES server configuration for adressboook.
    My question is: Has anybody else this problem?
    Can I see anywhere in log file of BES, if synchronization for adressbook for all user is work or doesn┤t work?

    We have BES 4.1.6 with Lotus Domino 7.0.4.

    Because I knew about this problem only after user found that some contact failed, only then I checked the configuration of handheld 8900. It was off for about 3 monthes. If some users have more as 1000 entry it is difficalt to know if everything is working fine.
    Hope for your help. Best regards,
    06-03-10 02:48 AM