08-10-09 11:30 AM
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  1. icavx's Avatar
    anybody else notice it says its unregistered in v0.87? i emailed the creator at his feedback address you can find within the about menu of the program but have yet to get a response from him concerning any of my inquiries 8(
    I'm sorry, perhaps I missed you mail.

    this program is still in beta, and will stop function in 15 days, pls install the latest version 0.91, it will reset the trail period
    08-10-09 11:29 AM
  2. icavx's Avatar
    I also would REALLY like to see 3 digits available for the autolock or change the unit of measurement to minutes if 2 digits is required for some reason. Being able to set your delay for Autolock to a maximum of 1min 39sec just isn't long enough. Having such finite adjustment from 1 second to 1min 39 seconds (99 sec) doesn't seem as usable as having adjustments out to several minutes.
    thanks for your feedback, I'll add this in next version
    08-10-09 11:30 AM
27 12