1. teacherjulie's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a way to get back an email I accidentally deleted? I hit delete from handheld and computer and I really need the email. Please help!!!!! I have the curve 8330>
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    08-06-09 06:51 PM
  2. MrWheelMan's Avatar
    Does your computer-based inbox have a trash folder that it might be in? I do think deleted emails are saved on the Blackberry until that cache is emptied, but I don't know how to access it.
    08-06-09 07:25 PM
  3. teacherjulie's Avatar
    I checked my trash on the computer and they are not there Thanks anyway!
    08-06-09 07:38 PM
  4. lastraid's Avatar
    Nope, once deleted they are gone. If you have relly important emails, you can hit the menu button and select save. This will place a copy in your saved mesages folder.
    08-06-09 08:10 PM