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    I have a 9300 3g I use everyday. It makes a great kindle reader for me plus a handy memopad. The battery life is excellent and lasts for days! I'm just wondering if I'm the last person in North America using this device regularly? The 9300 forum on crackberry is very dead indeed.
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    11-14-17 08:31 PM
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    Just curious as to how the 9300 can be a "great Kindle reader" with such a tiny screen.
    11-14-17 08:33 PM
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    Just curious as to how the 9300 can be a "great Kindle reader" with such a tiny screen.
    One letter at a time?
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    11-14-17 09:44 PM
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    Stick with giant glass slabs then. Kindle is too bloated on android. I'll use it there too but I prefer BB. On OS6, it's very basic and zippy, no frills, and easy to navigate and read. Well, assuming you have good vision. My vision's fine so far, but yes the letters are small. Still, don't forget that these old BBs were superb in direct sunlight. I can let the full sun shine on this screen and read it perfectly...even on low screen setting. How many modern smartphones can match that?

    My OS6 phone can go a week between charges with casual usage. Stand-by? Weeks. Even the Keyone won't match that.

    Don't get me wrong, the 9300 is terrible at browsing. It has no space for apps. It's complicated to use. 3G may be gone in a few years in USA. But for the things I want to use it for, it excels. It's super light, highly portable, unbreakable compared to modern phones, lasts forever on battery, and my favorite kindle reader.
    11-15-17 01:19 AM
  5. Nguyen1's Avatar
    I'm going to take a leap of faith and assume I'm the only guy on this entire forum that still uses a 9300 3G regularly. And not just regularly, but as my daily driver! Yes, it has limitations, but my needs are simple, and it meets my needs. That said, if there are quiet lurkers around who still use a 9300, I have a few handy tips:

    1) The 9300 has a quirky trackpad. If it looks like it is not working or scrolling, try pushing the CAPS button and scroll at the same time. This method saved my 9300 when the trackpad apparently froze on a terms & conditions page and wouldn't let me proceed.

    2) If the trackpad appears to fail completely, there is a possible fix, as posted elsewhere on this forum. Remove the battery, see the yellow SIM icon on the back? Put good pressure on that exact spot for a bit, and the trackpad may function again after reboot. I did this when the trackpad stopped working, and it worked just fine afterwards.

    3) You NEED to download "Advanced OS & LED" for the 9300, or basically any OS 6 or OS 7 device you still use. It can help automatically clearing cache/memory leaks, it can put a battery % on your main screen, it can adjust your LED lights (colors and blink interval, so you can play out something in Morse code if you like!), etc. This is probably the most useful utility app for a Curve/Bold.

    4) Docs-to-Go on the 9300 will not allow you to create a NEW file. That said, it *will* allow you to edit an existing file. So, for instance, you can load an existing DOC file from your SD card, delete all the words, and save the file as a blank template. You can then use this template later if you want to "create" a new file. Docs-to-Go on OS 7 will apparent allow you to create a new file, but on OS 6, this workaround is simple and works just fine.

    5) All 9300 devices can be unlocked for free on the internet. If there is any interest, I can post later the steps needed to unlock your device by yourself. You don't have to pay anyone anything for this. Alternatively, you can also try the forum thread below, there's a helpful member that is unlocking devices that are non-BB10 or newer.

    12-18-17 08:54 PM
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    Another GREAT app to get is "Shortcutme" which allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite apps. You can also create macros to run a series of commands as well within an app, too. Shortcutme is free, although setting it up is a little odd. You'll have to open and close it several times initially to get pass a series of menus, one of which asks for an activation code that you don't actually need. After that, things are smooth.

    So, if there is a document you edit frequently, you can create a shortcut for it directly, thereby bypassing the need to open the Word-To-Go app, select the document, and open it. This works great for switching between files quickly.
    12-19-17 03:12 PM
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    Two more tips for fixing an unresponsive trackpad, a VERY common malady of these 9300s:

    1) Take a piece of paper, even a newspaper is fine, and rub it continuously for 1-2 minutes on the trackpad. This helps to remove grind that you may not see and the trackpad could work again. Newspaper works very well for picking up oils (FYI: newspaper also works GREAT for getting rid of windshield smudges, too!)
    2) Sometimes, putting a piece of paper (for instance, a business card cut in half) under the battery helps as well (this puts a barrier between the battery and the metal contacts of the SIM holder) .
    12-20-17 10:07 PM
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    Happy Lunar New Year 2018.

    On the off-chance someone is using a relatively new or unused 9300 for the first time, you may notice the app world is outdated and not usable. The 9300 (and 9800) will run OS6, but the app world update for this is nigh impossible to find, as most links are dead or refer to very dead official blackberry links.

    Well, I did the hard work for you and found a working link in Indonesia for the appworld update to v4.something. You download the zip file, extract it, put the whole folder on an SD card in your phone, tap the included jad file, and you're all set! if there is interest, PM me and I'll send you the link. On the unlikelihood that there is a lot of interest, I'll post the link here.

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    02-24-18 10:03 PM
  9. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    What happened to your 9300?
    02-24-18 10:39 PM
  10. Nguyen1's Avatar
    I use my 9300 still. Just moved the sim around to test the typing experience of various Blackberry phones. Right now using a Torch 9800.

    I should edit my previous post, I meant to say 9300. But the post also applies to the 9800 as both phones use OS6.

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    02-24-18 11:14 PM
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    FYI --- the Curve 9300 3G, even in 2018, should work just fine on the 3G network of its original carrier. However, if you unlock the phone, be sure to check the bands. There are different variants of the Curve 9300 which use different GSM bands!

    If it uses GSM bands, 1,4,8, most likely it will NOT work on a GSM network that no longer supports 2G.

    If it uses bands 1,2,5, (850MHz, 1900MHz) it will still work on 3G.

    For instance, a Verizon 9300, even if unlocked, will not work on ATT, which no longer supports 2G. It will, however, work on T-Mobile, which still supports 2G.
    04-23-18 01:19 AM
  12. Roy huntley's Avatar
    I just picked up a 9300 today. I needed a cheap phone as mine died and I found it for $10 locally. it seems to be a great, if quirky phone. I use it w/ Cricket and have had no real problems yet
    06-09-18 09:51 PM
  13. Nguyen1's Avatar
    Cricket does not have BIS plan. AT&T (which owns Cricket) post-paid still does. The 9300 can still be used as a feature phone with a lot of handy PDA functions, even without BIS.

    My 9300 was my primary phone (with BIS) until a week ago. I'm now using it as my PDA, but I regularly swap the SIM card in and out.
    06-12-18 04:28 PM
  14. 95thcobra's Avatar
    Nguyen1 i am another person still using the 9300
    04-03-19 03:50 PM
  15. EndoPlayz Wolf's Avatar
    I was able to get my 9300 to read a micro sim, I used it! I have been using it to this day as a phone, because I do not enjoy using my iPhone 7 due to the battery life and use
    04-07-19 01:30 PM
  16. Owen Hayes's Avatar
    I just got one of these is it worth isntalling one of the hybrid os's do those let you run apps from bbos 7?
    08-22-19 04:28 PM
  17. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I just got one of these is it worth isntalling one of the hybrid os's do those let you run apps from bbos 7?
    It won't get you BBOS7, nor any app that is limited to BBOS7.

    Hybrid's were something I saw a big advantage with the 9530, but with my 9650 I never bothered with a Hybrid. Most popular Hybrids usually had a findings and fixes thread.

    That said, many links for those hybrid are now dead...
    08-22-19 04:43 PM
  18. Owen Hayes's Avatar
    Yeah links still working for the BerryLicio.US ultimate version. I've installed it as it supposedly boots faster and has a faster browser. I haven't really used it on stock tho so dont know if there is any difference lel
    08-22-19 06:06 PM
  19. Owen Hayes's Avatar
    would you be able to recommend some decent apps if there are any please
    08-23-19 06:48 AM
  20. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I will say that with BBOS I always used Shrink-A-OS to trim down the install files...
    08-23-19 08:22 AM
  21. frederik taillon's Avatar
    I have a 9300 3g I use everyday. It makes a great kindle reader for me plus a handy memopad. The battery life is excellent and lasts for days! I'm just wondering if I'm the last person in North America using this device regularly? The 9300 forum on crackberry is very dead indeed.

    i still got mine in 2019 i left social media excep here because blackberry power hahaha
    10-17-19 10:39 AM
  22. Nguyen1's Avatar
    I put a free Mintmobile Sim into my 9300 from Wind. No BIS, but the phone works for calls and texts. Love the 9300, so light, good typing, good battery life, good outdoor clarity, and good for ereading too! It’s a great device if you want to take a break from app overload.
    02-11-20 11:07 AM

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