1. Norli's Avatar
    So how does the 8900 compare to the curve 8320 wen it comes to outer tear and wear? I've lost my 8320 several times on the ground but you still can't see any scratches on the phone. The trackball works great too.

    I see there's a lot of 8900 for sale on this forum, and I'd get one as long as I know it can lost for a long time.
    06-30-10 05:26 AM
  2. hotgeekness's Avatar
    From personal experience the Curve 8900 is an excellent BlackBerry, but the top buttons (lock/mute) are very sensitive. After the second or third drop the lock button refused to work (although a quick workaround was to use the traditional * + call button combination). In addition the screen is more fragile than that of the Curve 83xx series (due to it being completely exposed as opposed to residing behind a separate lens). Easily scratched was the outer silver rim of the device, but nothing major.

    Could be to me being a more hardcore user, but the Curve 83xx might be a bit tougher when it comes to wear and tear. Nevertheless the Curve 8900 is a great choice, just be a bit more careful with it should you get one

    Hope this helps.
    - Yousif
    06-30-10 06:21 AM
  3. BuddyL's Avatar
    I'm probably not the best judge on wear and tear as I baby mine. No case or screen but I do try to be careful with it. It has been pretty sturdy and I've grown to like the feel of it. IMHO
    06-30-10 02:36 PM
  4. david9962000's Avatar
    Mine is a year old and it's solid.
    06-30-10 10:17 PM
  5. plumers's Avatar
    the silver bezel gets chipped off pretty easily under normal use, otherwise it's a pretty solid phone. much better than the 8320 I had. I've had mine for a little over a year and I haven't replaced any parts. Trackball is a lot smoother too.
    07-02-10 10:38 PM
  6. rich.x87's Avatar
    trackball is the "new generation" one.. called the atomic ball... its a really, really good phone... i recommend you get one of the silicon protectors and it will stay neat!!..
    07-03-10 01:25 AM