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    Just today, I have noticed quite a few "pocket calls" made from my device while it should have been locked. I realized that the top "LOCK" button, which used to require pressing "A+green button" to unlock, is now simply a lock/unlock toggle button, which is not helpful at all. I usually charge my device from the wall charger, but charged it last night off my laptop, so I am assuming that the desktop manager updated something, causing the problem. Does anyone know if this is a setting, or an update issue, and more importantly, how to fix it? I made four calls today and god knows what was overheard,eep!

    I have a Curve 8900 v. (platform on TMobile.
    file free: 117759152 Bytes (after battery pulls)

    Apps: BEIKS keyboard locker (see, I mean business), BB App World, BBM, CardStar, com_plasmic_theme_3G8900v, Docs to Go, Google Maps, Google Sync, MultiAlarmPro, Pandora

    Already tried: Battery pull, Clear Event Log, run meory cleaning through security options, cleared call logs, diabled BEIKS, ANOTHER battery pull after all this... no dice
    06-21-10 12:49 AM
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    So, after spending an hour in the Tmobile store and an hour on the phone to customer care, I can tell you that there is no "fix" for this because Blackberry considers this a fix to the previous functionality which will be going forward to all models. The only advice the reps could give me (who all swear that everyone else WANTS the lock button to behave this way and I am the only one who dislikes it) is to set a password and get used to entering it every time you need to use the phone. I am on the phone a LOT; too much I am sure, and typing in a password every 30 seconds got annoying VERY quickly. So did the awkward phone calls from the dozen or so people I pocket dialed before I realized the issue.

    I bought a MyTouch 3G Slide today and will not be going back to RIM. I will miss BBM of course...
    06-22-10 12:39 AM