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    Hi, this may seem a bit vague, but any advice will be greatly received,
    ok, ive a 4 day old 8900 (had one for 18months, it got destroyed, had a new handset sent using insurance, hence new 8900), i'm just getting a 9700 or 9800 in the next few days, my partner said she wants the 8900, but at present she has a text and talk sim contract, adding a data bundle wont be an issue, but my question is, "can i reset this handset to the same state it was before i had it, i.e. brand new?"
    I use BIS for uk at present and add email services that way, and i want to reset everything to a new state for the wife to have this handset as a new phone?

    as i said a bit vague but hopefully plenty of you may have been through this before............

    10-17-10 04:42 PM
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    Goto Options - Security and do a security wipe, that will bring it to out of box state.

    Remove your memory card before hand to be safe

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    10-17-10 06:06 PM