1. Truth51's Avatar
    I have had my 8900 for almost 3 weeks and all has been well until yeaterday.
    For some reason some of my business e mails are being deleted off my BB. It seems to be random from what i am seeing. There are still messages from 2 days ago so it does not seem like a space thing. Thankfully the emails are still on my notebook so I have a point of reference. The options were set to delete after 30 days and it has only been a few weeks. I have since changed the option to save forever.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    09-16-09 09:39 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Do a battery pull: Leave your device on, pull the battery for 20 seconds, put it back in and wait for your device to boot up.
    09-16-09 09:54 AM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    Are you low on device memory? Check your free file size.

    09-16-09 09:58 AM
  4. Truth51's Avatar
    thanks for the info. I did a battery pull but soon after lost an e mail.
    Interesting it was deleted when a new one came in. Could be a memory
    space problem. I have deleted 2 apps that I did not need and will put in
    a memory card tonight. Hopefully that will help?
    09-16-09 11:18 AM