1. FreeLoader's Avatar
    I've had my Blackberry curve 8900 (version 4.6) just over a week and now it's all going downhill and Im losing the will to live.

    I successfully downloaded a theme and Blackberry App World the other day so I KNOW I am able to download things. Anyway I then deleted App World as I didnt want to download anything from it and I was worried it took up too much space on my phone. I just saw on this site that I can download an Elicite theme (Scenic) and after receiving the link on my phone, I went to download and after a few minutes I got an alert about 907 cod tcp error. Anyway this didnt work after a few attempts. I then tried downloading APP World again (the same thing I managed to get the other day without any problems) and that too is failing to download. I am clueless as to why. I haven't changed any settings on my phone and each time I've tried to download using links on my phone - NO PC involved. Ive tried doing the whole battery pull but it hasnt made a difference.>
    Have i messed something up? This is really frustrating and stressing me out.

    10-14-09 04:28 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    First, you don't need to shout... meaning using Bold.

    Next... the proper way of doing a battery pull: leave your device on, pull the batter for 20 seconds, put it back in and wait for your device to boot up.

    Here is the BlackBerry 101: The Basics of BlackBerry Themes... Blackberry 101 lessons can be found under "Blackberry Help" at the top of every forum page.
    10-14-09 05:23 PM
  3. ellegee's Avatar
    it doesn't sound like you did anything that could've harmed it. Try clearing the event log and see if that will help. Press 'alt' and at the same time press L G L G. An event log will come up and just hit the menu button and select 'clear log'. Sometimes this will help. Good luck!
    10-14-09 05:30 PM