1. larrygump's Avatar
    Hey All,

    Thanks for your help ahead of time....I have Tmobile and LOVE the UMA feature...so ive been educated on how it all works on another post but I have another question.

    I always have a fantastic UMA/COX HSI signal from my brand new linksys router. However all 3 of my phones 2 8900's and 1 8320 will regularly revert to edge even though my router is screaming loud and when I go to my connections and it shows Wi-Fi Preferred.

    Its frustrating because I want to be able to utilize this UMA calling/data feature as it provides me a better connection in my home.
    I love TMOBILE so far and I cancelled my home phone since I have the 9.99 hotspot calling package.
    Why wont my phones stay on the stronger WI FI signal ?
    07-15-09 12:31 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Too many factors in this equation... could be the phone is running low on memory... could be the router has been up too long and needs a power down and restart... any number of reasons... but it just in not getting the proper protocol information back from the router to say that it's up and running... that's why at least once a month I pull the power and let everything rest for a few minutes and then reload everything fresh... at least that's my take.
    07-15-09 12:43 PM
  3. aristile's Avatar
    You can also try to modify the following setting:

    Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > Connection Preference = WiFi Preferred
    07-15-09 12:48 PM
  4. vdubguy2k's Avatar
    Are you using the T-mobile branded router or just a regular Linksys router?

    I'm using the WRT54GS as I already had it and didn't want to buy another one from T-mobile. I found this thread a little while back and went through the steps in it and have found the UMA in my house is much better and doesn't drop as much as it did before I did this. Maybe give it a shot and see how it helps!

    8320 Stable Wi-Fi UMA Connection Settings (Linksys) - BlackBerryForums.com : Your Number One BlackBerry Community
    07-15-09 12:49 PM
  5. aristile's Avatar
    Also check out the UMA Guide link in my signature.
    07-15-09 12:50 PM
  6. larrygump's Avatar
    Fantastic....Ill def. check out all those resources and thanks alot guys....Im frustrated as all get out....

    My phones do connect but it regularly "drops out"....Like it hops back and forth from edge to UMA.....I do have wi fi preferred selected...and configured my sttings accorisng to the WI FI how to on here.....the router had a hard reset as did the phone.....it is a linksys W54RG2
    07-15-09 01:53 PM
  7. fatboy97's Avatar
    And it can always be the cable company... don't forget to share the blame!!!!
    07-15-09 03:39 PM
  8. larrygump's Avatar
    I need to follow up the thread an happily report the problem is resolved.....thnks to all especially aristile......that link def fixed the problem...im TX channel 3 now and tweaked out the modem....never had a problem since
    08-15-09 03:10 PM
  9. aristile's Avatar
    Awesome, glad to hear we were able to help you get it fixed! Also, you are very welcome!
    08-15-09 03:25 PM