08-13-09 09:45 AM
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  1. BMaximus's Avatar
    Hello I am thinking about getting rid of my 8900 to try a 8520, I don't care that its a down grade I just want to try new things, what are your guys thoughts on the 8520?
    08-06-09 02:54 AM
  2. thefiasco's Avatar
    big mistake
    08-06-09 03:11 AM
  3. rvd2345's Avatar
    If you wanna try the 8520 then go for it. Do what makes you happy. I would keep the 8900 so you can use them both and decide which device is for you. You can always sell either device at a later time. Nothing wrong with having 2 Blackberries. I think most of us do!
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    08-06-09 03:22 AM
  4. thefiasco's Avatar
    look at the economy, no one can afford two blackberrys! I'm broke!
    08-06-09 03:32 AM
  5. dphorgan2's Avatar
    You'll shoot yourself. Going from a high caliber BlackBerry to the BudgetBerry.

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    08-06-09 04:47 AM
  6. GooTz66's Avatar
    I wouldnt!!!
    08-06-09 04:51 AM
  7. skyboxer's Avatar
    It would make a great backup for the 8900.

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    08-06-09 05:57 AM
  8. Jancy10's Avatar
    I was in a T-Mobile store yesterday checkin out the 8520, trust me is not worth changin the 8900 for it! Da trackpad is kinda cool, but I think da thought of da trackpad is better, it takes a lot of gettin used to n is a bit shaky also
    08-06-09 07:24 AM
  9. BMaximus's Avatar
    Well I currently have a

    Unlocked Sprint Tour
    Unlocked ATT 8900 x2
    Unlocked Storm

    I just want to try stuff.
    08-06-09 09:39 AM
  10. david9962000's Avatar
    Well the lower screen resolution will give you a better battery life, no GPS and if you take pics and email them the quality will be much lower.
    08-06-09 10:13 AM
  11. big_time2's Avatar
    I've had both and I think you will not make a big mistake as someone said, you will be just fine. While I only had the 8900 for a few weeks I can't really say that its better or worse than the 8520, I can tell you that you will like it. The battery life is better on the 8520, the trackpad, its lighter and the battery door is way better than the one on the 8900. Those are about the only better things on the 8520.

    I'd say keep the 8900 a week or so and if you still like it then return the 8520.

    8520 might be a downgrade but it is a good phone overall.
    08-06-09 10:57 AM
  12. BMaximus's Avatar
    Its all fine, as I have 2 8900's so I would still have one.
    08-06-09 12:27 PM
  13. moshpitpal's Avatar
    definitly keep one of those 8900's. It is cool machine.
    08-06-09 01:51 PM
  14. Shadowsbox's Avatar
    I wish I would have kept my 8900. My 8520 isn't here yet to compare but I would hold on to the 8900's or you could always sell one to me. Lol

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    08-06-09 02:07 PM
  15. Affiliated's Avatar
    Go to a TMobile store and see the 8520 for yourself. I went yesterday and really have mixed opinions about it. I am a one year newbie to blackberry. I have a Pearl and was interested in "upgrading" to full QWERTY and a larger screen. I am not eligible for an upgrade yet so I would be looking at full retail at $299 (8520) verus $499 (8900). At full retail, the price differential is significant. Under contract, the savings in my opinion is not sufficient to justify the 8520 over the 8900, especially since the 8900 can be had for free from some authorized retailers (wirefly, let's talk, etc). There is a significant difference is screen quality with the 8900 being far superior, not to mention the 8900's better camera and inclusion of GPS. I played around with the trackpad....no big deal, certainly not worth giving up an 8900 just to get the trackpad. As much as I would like a new phone, right now, I just don't think it is worth paying $299 for such a basic handset so I am holding off for now......awaiting to see when the Driftwood will be released. But don't get me wrong, the 8520 is a nice phone and if it was out one year ago, I may have just chosen it over my pearl.
    08-06-09 06:22 PM
  16. BMaximus's Avatar
    Thanks for all your answers and stuff everyone. I will go into t-mobile and try one out.
    08-06-09 07:14 PM
  17. nolife1314's Avatar
    i have an 8900 and think that the 8520, quite honestly is a shame to call the a blackberry. It looks so cheap and out date I personally believe that blackberry needs to keep moving up rather than making a phone that is not at the same level as other blackberries.
    08-06-09 07:35 PM
  18. NiteWalker's Avatar
    I have an 8900 but I'll be getting a frost 8520 to play with the trackpad. The only thing I'll miss from the 8900 is the awesome camera. I definitely won't miss the trackball and the one piece screen and buttons on the 8520 I'll welcome as well. Above and below the screen on the 8900 in the creases it always seems to catch dust or lint.

    That said, I love my 8900. So much in fact, when my old one got stepped on I paid full price for another after about 2 weeks of not having it.

    I don't think it's a step backward either. It's a replacement for the 8320, an entry level blackberry. Comparing it to the 8900 isn't fair to RIM.
    08-06-09 08:53 PM
  19. mookish's Avatar
    I have a 2008 BMW 530 but I want to get rid of it for the new 2009 Honda Civic, I hear they increased the HP to 98. What do you guys think?
    08-07-09 12:28 PM
  20. AP1618's Avatar
    how on mars do you guys own all those berrys? I only have a 8310 and cant even think of getting a 8520. I sure want one though... unlucky me I guess...
    08-07-09 02:56 PM
  21. BMaximus's Avatar
    Got to know the right people
    08-07-09 03:07 PM
  22. Bajanbastard's Avatar
    Personally I wouldn't replace my 8900 with a 8520 been I think its the best 'entry level' BB to date. Much better than Pearl or Pearl Flip IMHO. With the same RAM and processor as the 8900 its arguably better than the 83XX series as well.

    Great device for girlfriends or younger siblings. Planning to get my girl and little sister one.

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    08-07-09 03:12 PM
  23. BMaximus's Avatar
    Thanks for your input.
    08-07-09 04:29 PM
  24. goods2envy's Avatar
    Its def an upgrade for me should be better then my 8320 waiting on driwood after

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    08-08-09 03:49 AM
  25. Brollic's Avatar
    do what you feel, in the end doesnt matter what we say you already made up your mind...
    08-08-09 03:56 AM
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