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    Well I after I updated my curve to the New OS, my phone always switches to roaming. Now my issue is I live near the Canadian Boarder and I am always hitting a their towers and I don't want to pay for roaming. Now before the update there was an option to choose either Automatic or Home only. Well after the update, that option is gone. Now is there a way to change that back? If not is it possible to go backwards with the software? All help would be great. Thanks
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    03-26-10 05:26 PM
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    Anyone have any ideas?
    03-29-10 10:00 AM
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    No one has any information? I also was able to back log the OS and the option is still not there. Any ideas? I really need your guy's help on this as VZW was unhelpful. Thanks
    04-03-10 08:32 PM
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    Anyone? VZW says there is nothing they can do. I really need to find away to get this thing to stop roaming. VZW has stopped giving me credits cause I keep hitting Canadian Towers. PLEASE I need help. Does anyone think I might be able to contact RIM about this and see if they can help?
    05-11-10 08:46 PM
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    try a battery pull if that doesn't work go to the store and have them replace the phone for you
    05-11-10 08:52 PM
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    Question on Radio Swap for Shrink-A-OS

    Re-install the OS after using ShrinkAOs to swap the radio back to the version that was working for you.
    05-11-10 08:58 PM
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    How about Options --> Mobile Network-->While Roaming

    Or trying downgrading to your old OS, or installing a newer OS.
    05-11-10 09:28 PM
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    Wow, I had no idea anyone responded to this, I am not getting the email notifications. I need the software to install the OS. Otherwise it will not work, I need to reload pre 5.0 software.
    05-19-10 05:10 PM
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    Question on Radio Swap for Shrink-A-OS

    Re-install the OS after using ShrinkAOs to swap the radio back to the version that was working for you.
    Ok where is the download files I need to do this?
    05-19-10 06:05 PM
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    well after talking with VZW, they will not let me get a new phone at a discounted price cause of their and RIM lousy programming. So now I am forced to get a new phone, Now I am looking at the blackberry storm 2, so does anyone know of a good place to get them referb at a low price, I can get them at VZW for $269. Anyone else got a better price. Oh yea, I am selling mine. PM if you want more info.
    05-27-10 07:23 PM
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    Why not just install the old OS?

    That seems both easier and cheaper.
    05-27-10 07:37 PM
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    Already tried that. Didnt work. It has something to do with the Radio Software. BB wont send me the file to change it back cause it isnt compatible with the new version of OS.
    05-27-10 07:51 PM
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    You don't need them to send anything.

    Every OS install includes a radio file, you can even swap the manually....
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\your os version\CDMA\

    The .sfi file in there is the radio file.
    05-27-10 08:12 PM
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    idk everytime, I back date the software it doesnt nothing. so IDK how to do what you are referring to.
    05-27-10 08:14 PM
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    The .sfi file is the radio file... Every OS has a radio file. You can replace that file in your OS5 install directly with any 8530 radio file from any OS5 version and re-flash your phone with the latest OS and whatever radio file you want.
    05-27-10 08:17 PM
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    Ok, I am still lost. Send me a PM so I can have more details.
    05-27-10 08:18 PM
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    I don't think there's much more I can explain.

    Replace the .sfi file with the .sfi file from the OS whose radio code you want.

    Then flash the BB

    It doesn't even have to be an OS radio code from your carrier. As long as it's for the 8530.

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    05-27-10 08:21 PM
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    Well what program do I use do to this? how do you flash the BB.
    05-27-10 08:23 PM
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    Err, this is getting into more basic stuff now. If you aren't familiar with updating the OS through a PC on the BB then it might just be better to forget all this.
    05-27-10 08:26 PM
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    Well I know how to use the BB software on the PC to change the OS but I am not sure on how to switch the sfi file.
    05-27-10 08:28 PM
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    You go to the folder i pointed with windows explorer, delete the existing .sfi and copy+paste the new .sfi file there.

    Then install the OS, but I would use ShrinkAOS to do the install instead of the BB software:

    After you change the sfi file, run ShrinkAOS.
    -Click Browse and make sure it's pointing at the correct folder for your OS
    example: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\your os version\
    -Connect the BB to the usb cable
    -Click Next through the various steps until it installs the OS on the BB
    05-27-10 08:32 PM