1. dj_fuzion's Avatar
    i have a 8530 that powers down when i hook it up to my computer. the phone shuts off, red light comes on then tries to attempt to power back on but then shuts right off again. Compter system is Windows 7 64bit, dont know if it matters but im losing my mind ...help!!!! ping me which is easier for me..thanks
    07-13-10 03:01 PM
  2. anon(140126)'s Avatar
    My phone rebooted the first time I hooked it to my computer, which is Windows 7, also. After that, everything went good. The phone reboots when Windows tries to install the right drivers for the phone. Unfortunately, there's some issue between Windows 7 and BB's... Windows 7 sometimes don't install the RIGHT drivers, so the phone will keep rebooting when you hook it up to your computer. Sometimes it'd install the drivers but not recognize the phone. I'd suggest using different computer running XP or Vista.
    07-13-10 10:44 PM