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    What harm if any, can the following do?

    I sucessfully, managed to unlock my BB Curve 8310 which was purchased from Rogers. I recently switched to a Fido account that includes a data plan. I have no problem with calls, text messages and can even download and run some apps. (example weathernetwork.ca) but I really would like to have full functionality. Although I wiped and reinstalled the operating system, I can't activate / register with either Fido or Blackberry. Since I couldn't get the default browser back, I installed and have been using Opera Mini. The Default Services page under Options > Advanced is blank. Enterprise Activation won't activate even after trying to register the phone with both Blackberry & Fido. The Host Routing Table and Service Book pages are also blank.

    Many will think I am crazy for trying this, but since the Curve 8310 was a Rogers phone not available from Fido, I thought of installing the Curve 8520 operating system. Any thoughts? Dwntwn
    03-06-10 09:42 PM
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    You can't install an 8520 OS on an 8310. The OS has to match the hardware.

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    03-06-10 09:45 PM
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    Do you have BIS or just a generic data plan?
    I think it's the later so I suggest you get BIS from Fido and then everything will fall into place.
    03-06-10 09:57 PM
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    yea you wont even get to any loading stage. the computer will recognize your phone as an 8310 and tell you theres no upgrade there even if the OS is installed on the PC because its looking for an 8520. no go.

    you need to contact your carrier and set up a BIS data account. they will apply your IMEI and PIN to the account, then they will push all necessary service books to the phone. this will enable your blackberry data and reenable your browser.
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    03-07-10 02:47 AM