1. sundouloi's Avatar
    8350i has SOS. Inserted Boost Mobile sim from i776 into 8350i and 8350i worked fine for about one month. All features worked, thanks to posts here about workarounds. Suddenly stopped working and SOS appeared. Tried different sims, all of which work in i776, nothing in 8350i. Tried backups, radio reset, master reset, wipe. Nothing works. Sim appears unrecognized in 8350i, but same sim works in i776. 8350i appears normal, but SOS. No phone signal. APN blank.
    09-05-09 06:00 AM
  2. Casper34's Avatar
    sounds like you tryied everything but.... resend your service books
    09-05-09 06:08 AM
  3. sundouloi's Avatar
    Thank you. Tried downloading service books again, reloading them, transferred, cleared old, wiped phone, tried everything I could think of. I noticed sometimes on dm that the service books installed reads records 5, when my file side reads 23. Will the service books cause a problem with the SOS? How about vlingo causing a problem? I am very new to this 8350i world, and thought that a wipe deleting third-party applications would wipe everything. I took the phone to a Sprint service center and they thought the phone had service issues, not hardware. They did not open the phone, but kindly worked on it for about 1/2 hour, free of charge.

    I appeciate any help.
    09-05-09 06:17 AM
  4. Casper34's Avatar
    it sounds like your nnot installing the SB correctly.... follow the sticky to a t
    09-05-09 06:27 AM
  5. sundouloi's Avatar
    Thank you. When I reread my post, I did not mean I followed those steps described there chronologically. The things I described were not in chronological order. I just did those things, not in that order. I followed the steps on the stickly. I have tried many times to reinstall the service books. They appear to install correctly.

    Separately, I also thought the backups with the working service books would solve the problem. Still SOS.

    I will give the service books another shot. I have already worked my way through the sticky many times, carefully, without success. I have used multiple sims, working my way through the sticky, carefully, without success.

    I appreciate your fast responses.
    09-05-09 06:55 AM