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    I tried doing a search, but couldn't find anything on this. Does anyone else's camera take pictures that look greenish? I've seen kind of dull photos before, but never ones that actually look GREEN, almost as if I have some kind of special effect on there (but I don't). They look more normal if you take the photos from father away (i.e. 7 feet away vs. 2 feet away).

    Does everyone's camera do that? Thank you so much!!
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    01-21-09 01:14 AM
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    Upload a pic so I know what youre talking about.
    01-21-09 02:20 AM
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    My 8330 looks just like this, always a green tint to the screen, especially when it should be white. Not just the camera for me. Browser, messages, ... Anyone have any ideas on this? This is my 2nd 8330 and my first one did not look like this.

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    06-02-09 03:52 PM
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    Check white balance, but i found the 8330 pic quality is not very good at higher resolution. test it with lower resolution, not the higher ones..it gets better as you lower the resolution...for mine anyway. These things seem like individuals, all different.
    06-02-09 04:08 PM
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    I cracked the screen on my original bb curve 8330 from Verizon, it still worked no problem, except for the ugly diagonal crack (no less) across the screen. Anyway, Verizon sent me a replacement "refurb". I transferred the data, and instantly noticed the green cast on the screen, which my original didn't have at all. They sent me another one, SAME PROBLEM. They sent me yet a 3rd one, SAME PROBLEM. They kept saying these go through a 200 point inspection and couldn't imagine how this slipped through the quality control, and I kept saying maybe the techs were calibrating something wrong! They asked me to go to a store and have the tech confirm the green screen by the 3rd send, and would not replace it again (imagine that . I did, and asked that the in-store tech compare it to a "new" curve. BIG difference!!! The tech added the notes to my account. I promptly received a new one. Guess what, NO GREEN!!! I also called back to ask if this was going to go up the food chain, I could NOT be the only one to have this problem. Bottom line - the more people that report this, the better chance that it will be taken seriously. I can tell you they thought I was nuts after the 3rd phone. It was very frustrating.

    Pictures all had a green cast as well. Purple pencil came out blue - with new phone - it was purple - imagine that! LOL
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    Curve 8330 photos:
    Slight greenish tint, fuzzy, poor contrast. Other than that, they're great.
    07-25-09 05:26 PM
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    Mine works well. I do get a greenish tint but it only happens around florescent or mercury-vapor streetlights...which is normal.

    90% of the time my pics look just fine. The other 10% I end up going to software to adjust the color. Other than the camera not having a manual color mode, it's been working just fine for me.
    07-25-09 05:44 PM
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    Take the Snot off your lens aka clean it
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    Take a Q-tip and clean the camera lens, for some this works wonders, the majority of the time the lens has oils and dirt on it...
    07-25-09 05:58 PM
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    There are two different screen hues. One is green the other is blue. The green hue is actually brighter and actually shows the stripes in the email options unlike the other color. I am not sure which hue is better overall, still testing heh.
    08-04-09 08:50 AM