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    I have a pretty good understanding about mostly everything with the 8330. But one thing I don't know or understand is the "m" version. I have searched but can't find anything worthy.

    Attached is a picture of my 8330... do I have a "m" version?

    Can someone point in the right direction for the info or post what you know.
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    The best way to tell whether you have an "e" or an "m" is to go to Options>>About. However, I see an MEID referenced there, so I'm gonna say you've got an "m", since the only difference is the original Curve 8330 used ESNs and the newer ones use MEIDs.

    Another test? If you receive an MMS, do you receive the picture, or do you receive the link? Older-style "e"s don't have "true" MMS capability.

    I'm not the one to ask, however, about the difference between ESNs and MEIDs. However, I did find this thread which discusses the 8330e vs. the 8330m. I see, though, that you have an updated OS. Which versions did you use? The ones for the "m" or the "e"?

    Hope this helped!
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    It doesn't matter for Verizon whether you have an ESN or MEID, your device is still an 8330.

    Other carriers like Sprint and US Cellular, etc. may use the m designation, but Verizon doesn't.

    Your label clearly shows the device as 8330, and your About screen will as well.

    FYI, you should edit your post and either redact your MEID number, or remove the image. Someone can use the information for shady purposes.
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    Thanks xliderider... picture edited.

    Does that mean that OS software doesn't matter then? Because there is 8330 and 8330m OS software.
    09-11-09 06:50 PM
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    OS's between 8330 & 8330m are not interchangeable. I dont know specifically why, though I am certain they are not.
    09-11-09 07:30 PM
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    OS's between 8330 & 8330m are not interchangeable. I dont know specifically why, though I am certain they are not.
    I understand that they are not interchangeable... but does it matter with Verizon?

    xliderider posted that with Verizon it is what it is.
    09-11-09 07:33 PM
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    You would need to load whatever OS your device is designated as, in your case, 8330 software.

    A lot of people oversimplify by saying that if you have an MEID then you have an m, this does not apply to Verizon devices.

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    Hopefully these links will clarify things for you all.

    Answers to FAQs

    Locating ESN or MEID Numbers on Handsets

    Mobile Equipment Identifier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Keeper of Useless Knowledge

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    Thanks for the help!
    09-12-09 10:39 PM
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    xliderider & Wulf, thanks for the clarification and info! For others who might wonder, though...on the label behind the battery, even the 8330m's (on the carriers where the difference matters) simply say "8330," and not "8330m". So, just go by these helpful gents' suggestions to know!
    09-12-09 10:45 PM