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    First time poster and could not find the solution using the search. I have had flawless service on this device for the first 30 days, prior to that I had 9 months on the 8320 Verizon, with both email accounts working very well.

    Environment 8330 --- two POP accounts, Gmail - goes to Outlook 2003 on my home desktop, Go Daddy corporate goes to Outlook 2003 on my NetBook.

    I am baffled, could be I was rooting around the folders and clicked something by mistake. dunno.

    I have deleted the accounts on BIS and set them back up with no luck...had a strange--spooky message, from a gmail message as I worked on this too late last night, something to the effect of "do you want to stop the forward of this message" can't quite recall what it said exactly [ I am not a troll --- just need help ] LOL

    This is how they are set up on the hand held: Options > Email Reconciliation > Wireless Reconcile set to Yes > On Conflicts set to Mailbox Wins

    Gmail- the messages show up on handheld and when I open outlook they have been sent to trash and they never hit outlook Gmail seems to be resolved at this time…

    Go Daddy – straight to trash just when I view them on handheld, they stay on the handheld, however, in the Go Daddy webmail I have to move them from trash with the Outlook open on the NetBook open for them to hit Outlook.

    Then I am getting these delivery receipts as well, confirm delivery and confirm read areset up as No.

    Could this be an issue with Go Daddy?

    thanks in advance for the help

    ps, this is cross posted in another forum
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    Gmail seems to be in working order...Go Daddy, still moving messages to trash on webmail after I view them on the handheld
    08-06-09 12:25 AM
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    Check your godaddy's POP settings. My guess would be that it is set up to delete (or move to trash) messages that have been accessed via a POP client.
    08-06-09 02:46 AM
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    Checked POP settings. All seems to be in order with Outlook.
    again, it is in the Go Daddy webmail, where I view an email on my handheld and then it gets moved from the inbox to trash folder.
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    I have moved over to Imap with Go Daddy and this could possibly be a solution.
    08-06-09 01:46 PM