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    I have had one prior curve, two prior storms. Now I am going back to my bb, I admit I am addicted to bbs. Its time for my upgrade, which one do I need to get? I picked up the curve yesterday but missing the touchscreen of the storm. My use is mostly emails, I do bookkeeping at home and the email alerts keeps me from being tied to the computer all day.

    I love the curve but the screen is small for my 51 yr old eyes and I have to put on reading glasses to email or text on it.

    Maybe I am a weenie but moving the trackball around makes my thumb sore, anyone else ever have this problem??

    Typing is fast on the curve, not many typos or errors which I love.

    Sold my curve on ebay because (1) I wasn't used to a BB and got overwhelmed and (2) the inability to see the screen easily.

    Love the storm, dislike the weight of it.

    Love the touchscreen but a few typos with texting and emails, not too bad though.

    LOVE the large font and screen of the storm. Just the weight gets to me, do you get used to the larger size and weight fairly easily?

    HATE the screen of the storm touching your cheek and hanging up or mute the phone call. I DID order the software to lock your screen from CB but didn't ever get the software emailed to me. No biggie since I got rid of the storm. BTW the weight of the first storm is why I got rid of it, the second storm was unlocked, had a weird smokers smell to it and was missing the sim card and had a one gig memory card in it instead of the 8 gig, I was too dumb to check before I purchased it used.

    IDEALLY, I would love to have BOTH, a storm and curve but since I can only afford one at this time I need help to chose. I plan on going tomorrow to swap to a storm if I do decide to trade phones so please help me decide, which is YOUR favorite to use for emails and texting?

    Does anyone actually have or use a software that will lock the screen on a storm during a call that works? I use my phone for work purposes alot and its embarassing to keep hanging up on my boss or important calls!!
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