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    hey guys, i'm brand new here, so i apologize in advance if i'm not posting this in the correct forum...

    this is my first blackberry, and having come from the lame (but equally expensive, at the time) Moto i465, I'm entirely impressed... it seems that i'm an 'app guy.' i like having a bunch of various apps on my smartphone, but i keep getting dangerously low on my device memory. so, i have a couple of questions:

    is device memory like RAM in a desktop? its the memory used to load, and keep apps up and running? or is it a separate, pre-set amount of memory for applications to be stored on?

    i know i have only 32mb of device memory, total, but am i able to shove app memory over onto my media card? basically, storing whatever device memory ends up being on my second card?

    thats it for now ... thanks gang!

    06-03-10 12:57 AM