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    I lurked here for a LONG time before dropping the hammer on a bb. A LOT of what I chose came from listening to y'all.

    I SWEAR I've searched, and even went back 6 pages in this subforum (there is a LOT of data here), and I need to start using this phone, so wouldja go easy on me?

    I do NOT want this thing talking to Outlook on this laptop. What I do want is something that I can start up on the laptop, that I can type in all my contacts and things, and blow it down the pipe to the blackberry.

    I would also like to group contacts, and hide some of them. Is this possible? (I don't want to scroll through 400 contacts every time I want to do something.)

    Thanks in advance!

    04-15-09 02:47 PM
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    I use google sync. Type google.com/sync from your desktop to read about it. Also, when you are in contacts you can just type the first letter of a contact to bring that letter up, you don't have to scroll through all of your contacts

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    04-15-09 02:51 PM
  3. shawn hughes's Avatar
    oh yeah, I typed M..O for Mom.

    I can't do something that puts the contacts in google. Thanks though!!

    04-15-09 03:47 PM
  4. shawn hughes's Avatar
    ah HA! I found something called ABC Amber. letcha know how that dials out...
    04-15-09 04:17 PM
  5. shawn hughes's Avatar
    doesn't seem to work. Used the ipd from my documents. didn't seem to keep the changes... onward
    04-15-09 05:03 PM
  6. shawn hughes's Avatar
    I talked to the guy that makes all the ABC products. He took pity on me, and knocked out a version that allows me to do exactly what I wanted. You back your phone up, then open that file with this software, and you can add, edit, delete your entire phone book. Then, reload that file back into the berry, and you're done!


    09-19-09 12:11 AM