1. couv8's Avatar
    hey guys, today i had rogers block data as to not get charged(only using wifi) and ever since it says GSM next to the signal strength where it used to say edge....does this affect my call reception or just data transfer from the provider? also will my wifi speed be affected at all?

    Also when im out of signal range it says searching... does this affect battery life?

    I only ask because my dad has a phone that constantly searches for a signal when he's in a building or out of range and it kills his battery in 4 or 5 hours....

    thanks, couv8
    07-31-09 04:48 PM
  2. guitar2989's Avatar
    yes when phones search for signals they use more battery, wifi speed will only be as fast as the internet and router it is connected to, that is not affected by edge or the cellular signal. I do not know the answers to the rest. best of luck
    07-31-09 05:12 PM