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    Hi everyone,

    I have a 8310 and today when i went to check my phone it would just slowly blink red (screen won't turn on either). I thought the battery was down but that's not the case apparently...

    I've been trying to restore the operating system which isn't working right. Application loader always fails when trying to boot the phone back up again. It just keeps saying "Unable to complete the loading operation." I've deleted the vendor file and have run the exe with the /nojvm parameters.

    I tried JL_Cmder and CrackUtil but both aren't working. It won't connect to the blackberry because now when it's connected to the phone it constantly disconnects and reconnects. When the red blinky light is on, the phone is connected to the computer. When the red blinky light is off, the phone is not connected to the computer anymore. I'm using vista 64

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? The phone has no water damage that I know of and the little white paper behind the battery is still white.

    08-02-09 08:33 PM
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    Yes, mine was doing the same thing, but it was due to a USB connection problem.

    Use a different computer and maybe a different USB cable to connect. This problem happened to me today while using a computer with a USB subsystem that was low powered and basically very sucky.

    Opening the DM before connecting the blackberry, then plugging it in when it asks for the PIN and device worked for me once I got to a computer without terrible USB.

    It's not a problem with the phone.. it could still be recognized here even with the blinking red light and the blank screen once I got it to a computer with better USB. Also an 8310.

    Good luck!

    Edit: I'm using XP 32 on both computers. A good option is to try someone's EEE pc or similar with XP on it just to get the device "going" again.. it's doing the blinky red light due to a failed OS update.
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    08-03-09 07:00 PM
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    Thanks for the info! do you know if this can be done on a mac? will get ahold of my old windows laptop soon
    08-03-09 07:07 PM
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    Not sure about the mac, as I'm a relative Blackberry newb and I've never tried to connect to it with a mac. Basically the device is still accessible (at least to the XP DM) even with the blank screen and blinky red light.
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    08-03-09 08:49 PM
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    If you mean could it be charged on a mac, yes
    08-03-09 10:13 PM