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    Just these suckers don't work, or in the rare occasion, barely work.

    Also, my green button is requiring harder presses lately too.

    I've opened up the phone and cleaned the mother board's input buttons with alcohol. So its not dirty.

    I've downloaded the new OS (4.5), that does nothing.

    I've opened the phone up while the phone is on, taken off the faceplate and key pad, and manually pressed the mother boards input keys with tweezers, and they still don't work (so its not the nipples on the keyboard's fault)

    All the other keys are as spry as ever. So its not like its wear and tear on the actual buttons (esp. since the 'Q' button isn't working...that letter just isn't used enough)

    When it was getting bad, sometimes I could press the lower left hand side of the screen area in and get some use out of the keys, that doesn't work anymore.

    My only hypothesis is that the selected key's are all on the same circuit/wire inside the phone and that this wire is currently wiggled loose or something.

    Has anyone experienced this problem, know of any solutions or can point me in the way of some replacement parts (I'm talking motherboard inputs, not a simple rubber keypad)

    You have NO idea how hard it is getting by w/o a spacebar key. ****, I can't press 1 (w) so I can't select that on menus, and I have to copy/paste 1's from my broswer, into my call area so that I can dail numbers USING 1.

    Please, help! Otherwise I'm going to take a dive and get a $299 bold.
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    08-31-09 12:42 PM
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    Like you said, the problem is probably on the main circuit board. Either upgrade, but the Onyx is coming, or get it replaced (insurance?), or look for a used one in good condition.
    08-31-09 02:28 PM
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    Yea it might be a circuit I suggest you replace or like the person above said get a used one in good condition...
    08-31-09 02:36 PM
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    hi, i have a bb 8310.

    i have a different version of the keyboard ( my q is in the place of a, and wise versa, with the alphabet z, and w). can i change my keyboard to the normal one, and how much would it cost me around, and also how would i do it?
    08-31-09 04:28 PM