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    The World Of Pootermobile is coming at you with a new theme for OS6 and OS7! Valence will create a new bond between you and your BlackBerry. Remember that feeling when you first got your BlackBerry and started to really feel connected to it? This is the premise behind Valance as you discover your BlackBerry once more. With striking blue and white accents around the theme you get a refreshing feel. Custom icons and skinned media player (on OS7 only) is the icing on the yummy cake that is Valence. Grab Valence today and create a new bond.

    • Default OS6/OS7 layout
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Custom icons
    • Media player skinned (on OS7 devices only)

    Grab Valence at App World HERE

    Grab Valence at MyBBOTA HERE
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    Valence is now available at MyBBOTA!
    06-20-12 01:24 PM