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    A 5 year child banged my phone (9360) onto a wall and it wont switch on since.
    I reinserted the battery, etc and switched on the device. While it did switch on but there was no display (possible short). I knew phone was working because, I was able to receive calls even without the display.
    I put it on charge and after 15-20 mins noticed that the phone got extremely hot and stopped charging. I wanted to backup contacts before it was too late however, my PC wont recognise the device. Finally after installing the BB software and retrying many times, my phone got connected but only to give me the power drained tone. By the time I fetched the charger the phone went dead and it wont start up since. I tried removing battery, plugging it in and then reinserting battery after 2 mins (did not get the no battery signal - assuming display is not working). However, nothing happens. Even the red light wont start. I desperately want to get my contacts.

    I need a way to either switch on the phone or get my contacts. This is my business phone and it would have a big impact if I dont get the numbers asap.
    Please help!
    04-06-14 05:04 PM
  2. ashishjoshi06's Avatar
    Please pardon the wont twice in the subject line. If an admin can possibly correct this for me - dont see an option myself
    04-06-14 05:07 PM

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