1. ChrisMartino's Avatar
    Hey all!

    Thank you for your time in reading this thread and I'm new to the forum but have used many threads in this forum for advice for years but this time I'm really stumped.

    First of all last night I was using my phone until it had become totally drained I was prompted by the message "Battery drained, shutting down device" and I didn't need to use my phone so I just left it on my desk for an hour or so after that. Now my routine is to put my phone on charge when I go to sleep and I did this and woke up this morning to find the device still wouldn't turn on.

    I was messing around trying different advice posted on the forum and managed to get my device to stop showing the battery not inserted icon to now show the battery inserted with the yellow lightning strike through it.

    I've left my phone for an hour like this and it still hasn't seemed to pick up any charge as when I tried to turn the device on it still wouldn't.

    I tested the battery earlier with a multimeter and didn't get any form of voltage output from it rather than the usual 3.7V.

    Now I've tried the routine of flashing the device and re-installing the device using the desktop manager and it gets up to the stage of connecting to JVM and then fails or times out doing so.

    Then I read to attempt to launch the loader with the /nojvm parameters and tried that and yet again it failed attempting to connect to the JVM?

    I hope someone can help because I'm at a loss without my smart phone list I'm sure anyone would be these days haha :'(
    10-30-12 03:55 PM
  2. fabio984's Avatar
    Same problem here.
    Blackberry 9900.
    Did you solved?
    11-05-12 02:07 PM

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