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    Every time I put my media card in my device (BB 9360) I get this message " A media card has been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the media card now. I choose yes and then another message pops up that reads ''If lost clusters are found during the repair, do you want to save them?" I choose yes again. I get "Repairing card... please wait" and then "Media card repair failed" . Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    When I try to open the media card on my computer, it doesn't show up because it isn't recognised; when I double click it, it says "please insert a disk into drive...". I had already backed this media card up using blackberry software a few days ago, so I put a new media card inside my BB 9360 and put the backup (which had an icon of a white sheet with colours on it) onto my new media card but I can't see anything on my phone. I even tried restoring the files from BB software but I still can't see a difference

    Also, for some reason, the backup isnt the files I had backed up, when I restore the backup it only shows the images which were save to my device, not my media card.

    Any other way I can get my pictures, music, documents and videos back?
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    09-13-13 04:59 AM
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    Hi and welcome to CrackBerry!
    Sounds like you have a bad media card. You are going to have to find some freeware software that repairs media card errors and rescues your files from it. Otherwise, throw the thing out, buy a new one and start over.

    If you can't find a free software to comb through the card, then no there is no way to recover the files on it if it is not recognized by your phone or your PC. Sorry.

    Google data recovery and see if there are a few apps you can use.
    Like this one:
    Freeware to undelete files from sd card with iCare Data Recovery Free

    Free SD Card Recovery - SD Card Data Recovery Software Tutorial to Get Data Back
    Ive never used them but they are free and you could try it!!!
    Good Luck!
    09-13-13 08:07 AM
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    probably someone has played with mmc password usually nokia so just try to see if u can get a nokia and check if theres no password on memory card if theres no password it means it has been encripted anyhow otherwise again look for android fone place it there go to storage settings then unmount it to remove encription then place it in your phone dont mind about wats being displayed jus hit left alt shift and delete on your fone or battery pull after it restarts check if therez any difference

    GTYMz (28C6AF9B) BB 9360 using Tapatalk
    09-14-13 06:59 PM
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    I found a lot of usefull info here. Personally I think that Disk Drill SD Card Data Recovery Software and Recuva would work best for Windows. They are both free. I did not notice any problems working with them. Good luck!
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    Hi, as I know there are some free options like DiskDigger and Recuva claim to recover lost files, you can have a try for them. If you failed, you can try other paid card data recovery tools.
    02-23-17 02:35 AM
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    Hey, maybe you can try other data recovery software listed below to help you recover files from your media card:
    1. Recuva (https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=6xQOBPLM)
    2. Remo Recover
    3. Glary Undelete
    4. Pandora Recovery(Free Pandora File Recovery - Find and recover deleted files of any type.)
    5. WiseCleaner Wise Data Recovery
    6. Cisdem DataRecovcery(https://www.cisdem.com/data-recovery-mac.html)
    7. PC Inspector File Recovery
    03-08-17 08:59 PM

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