1. lnur0954's Avatar
    I recently bought an unlock code online, unlocked my phone and since then I can no longer get Blackberry Internet Service.

    I called Fido, who transferred me to Blackberry, and it seems the service books have disappeared. I've down a full swipe of the phone, hard reset about 40 times, I did get to work again, but it stopped after 4-5 days.

    Fido says its the handset (I didn't quite say that the phone was unlocked out of fear they would no longer help me, I bought the phone from them, so more like an omission) and I have to buy a new phone because there is nothing can do.

    Has anyone experienced this? The mobile network works and so do Wi-Fi, simply cannot connect to email and any applications that use data. I have a data plan. I also had the SIM card changed.
    01-15-13 09:18 AM
  2. JP82191's Avatar
    Sorry if it is too late to reply, but
    all you have to do is call your Service
    Provider and Have them Re-Send The
    Service Books To You. They Can Walk You
    Thru How To Do That.
    02-05-13 01:23 AM

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