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    Here's what I've bought on Ebay a BB9360 almost as new as I am. Microsim one from my old device still use I have used the device with an adapter in the BB9360 It was not detected, and then the adapter is stuck to the frame contacts. I had to lift the metal so I could remove the border again. Now the SIM card holder is very raised and I get no more purely on the sides.! A normal simcard he recognizes but usually I have to use a scotch tape does not allow the frame apart. The device is sometimes hot is this normal? And I notice this morning that on the device itself is of electrical charges or comes to me the only way?

    I bought the following spare parts

    Now my question is .. can I just the metal frame which is about to come, simply slip into the bay or do I have to open the whole device? Or soldering is required?
    How i can replace that?

    On some advice I would be grateful

    im from germany i translate this .. sorry
    01-01-13 12:05 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry. The device you posted appears to be a tray adapter for a microSIM that just slides into your standard SIM slot. If your Sim reader is reading a standard SIM, but not the adapter you have now, a new adapter should help. If you have damaged the reader itself, as indicated, you may end up having to replace the main module. That is where you would need to get the part, disassemble the phone, and as I recall, it just snaps into place. The replaceable parts on BlackBerry have usually been designed for relatively easy replacement, depending on your skills with small parts. As for the heating, poor contact in the module could be causing things to heat up. Without examination, that is a reasonable guess, I will admit.
    01-03-13 12:51 AM
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    SIM CARD READER damaged?-p1030005.jpgSIM CARD READER damaged?-p1030014.jpgHello,
    thanks for the reply! I hang even a picture of the damaged part I need to replace only.SIM CARD READER damaged?-p1020006.jpg
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    01-03-13 09:41 AM

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