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    When I had my Android device I fell in love with score mobile and score mobile fc (to follow scores of other sports and soccer respectively).

    In fact before I bought my Blackberry I checked on app world on my desktop to verify there was a BlackBerry version available.

    I have since dow loaded both using my handheld and neither will let me use them, the one keeps telling me a newer version is available, or that this version is out of date while the other tells me that I have downloaded the wrong version for my hand set.

    I have tried un-installing, re-booting, re-installing, etc. to no avail.

    I also have tried to google for a different version or link to download from and everything I have found directs me back to app world.

    Any insight here, know a way to make these work? How about an alternative app?

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    12-27-12 07:16 AM
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    Well I contacted their support team. The response made it seem like a known issue. I had to uninstall the apps restart my phone, including removing the battery, and instead of reinstalling from app world use the direct links they provided:

    > ScoreMobile - -
    >ScoreMobile FC - -

    Of course this problem makes me further question the usefulness of the app world.

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    12-28-12 10:18 PM

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