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    Hello everyone.

    I have been using a Curve Blackberry 9360 since last year but a few weeks ago it stopped working. It's TIM Italy branded device, it is also unlocked by default.

    I started using it about 13 months ago with a Vodafone, then I changed carrier about 3 months ago to TIM Italy, it worked perfectly until a drunken friend dropped it into a puddle. By the time he dropped it the headphone jack stopped working, so I ordered a new one in Netherlands and replaced the old headphone jack. It worked like new for another week then stopped working again (making strange noises, some frequencies are really bad while some other are ok, while if you activate the volume booster volume is much lower and there is some kind of hum).

    Aside from the headphone jack the phone kept working perfectly, so I simply started using my old ipod again.

    Then, a few weeks ago, while I was in a supermarket, I tried to make a call but on the screen appeared this message: "no service currently available". At first I didn't mind it, I just thought it was a signal "black hole" inside the supermarket (it's quite normal in Italy, since many shops are inside old buildings and cellphone network is usually not so good). I wasn't really worried since I was still able to chat through BBM and WhatsApp. Then I tried again to make a call and still on the screen appeared the same message. So all of a sudden it simply stopped making and receiving calls and SMSs.

    I checked on the internet and I was told it might mean that the phone was blocked. So I called carrier assistance and they checked it: there was neither a block nor anything else. The connection seemed perfectly ok to them.

    Yesterday, just to be sure I tried to use my mother's Vodafone SIM: I worked normally while her work phone's TIM SIM didn't neither in 2G nor in 3G.

    So I wiped the entire device, and then factory resetted it. This didn't fix the problem.

    So: what should I do?

    It's not the hardware since other carriers work on the phone, it's not a block (since I use TIM carrier and the phone is TIM branded, and also because it worked perfectly for a few months) and it's not a carrier problem since they checked and told me that everything seems alright on their side.

    I'm now using a 20 euro nokia, wondering why it stopped working.

    Should I reset some value that factory reset doesn't reset?

    What happened to my beloved Blackberry???

    TIA and sorry for my very bad english: I keep forgetting it since I left high school...


    UPDATE: firmware version is the last TIM official version (
    01-09-13 07:08 PM

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