1. habiba_910's Avatar

    Over the past couple of days my text messages are getting deleted. and i want to get them back urgent !!

    any help
    02-15-13 05:21 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Typically the reason text messages are being deleted is that you are running out of memory. That was common on 64MB devices, but is rarely reported with newer devices. You can check your Free Memory in Device and Status information. It's shown in bytes. Mine, for example, displays 137 563 392 bytes. If yours displays something on the order of 10 000 000 bytes or less, that's the problem. The number on your device won't show spaces. I added them here to make it easier for you to read. There are various steps you can take to free up memory such as deleting unused or unneeded apps.
    02-16-13 09:59 AM
  3. 2c's Avatar
    other reason you could have setup your messaging settings to keep it for 30 days.
    02-17-13 04:22 PM

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