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    the screen on my 9370 died. i haven't backed up in about 4/mo, which was when my last BB died.

    anyway, the screen is dead, and when i connect to the PC to run desktop manager, its not finding the device. windows 7 is recognizing that the device is connected.

    from what i remember, there is a pop-up on the screen when you connect it to the PC asking if you want to connect as storage device, charge only, etc. . . , and i think i'm supposed to select one of these options.

    also, i do have a password lock.

    could anyone be able to tell me in what order the options are? i'll just have to play around with it and see if i get lucky and click on the right one since i can't see the screen. and also does it ask for the password on the device itself before trying to sync.

    i got a new BB today and need to transfer everything over.

    01-29-13 07:41 PM
  2. brantmacga's Avatar
    so first of all, i'm an *****. i have a new phone of the same type so i can show all of this to myself.

    second, i think somethings is up with my computer, because it wouldn't recognize the new phone either.

    connected to the laptop and everything is working just fine; backup is in progress.
    01-29-13 08:14 PM

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