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    Since I switched from my 8900 os5 to 9360 os7 I started to have problems.

    My wife has Blackberry and her Gmail setup is working fine. However, on my Blackberry I have few email accounts and all of them are working fine except Gmail. well, what's wrong with gmail is when I receive email from my wife sent to my gmail account (from her gmail to my gmail):
    *it does not show her, name it shows my name
    *it does not have an unopened envelope icon as received email, it has check mark as I sent it even it is received and not sent email (and can't mark it as unread)
    *it does not have an option Reply, it has only Reply to all

    I tried the following:
    *sent from her Gmail web account (Not from her BB) to my Gmail - problem still exist
    *sent from her Gmail to my any other email - no problem
    *sent from other Gmail user to my Gmail - no problem
    *I did have (somehow) setup on Gmail server either all my Gmail to forward to her account or opposite all her mail to auto-forward to my account but I disabled it on server and still have the problem.
    Looks like I only have problem when two of our Gmail accounts are communicating together.

    This might be related to my calendar problem. When my calendar default was my gmail I was not able to accept/decline invitations/meeting requests from her and invitation was automatically added to my calendar. Now when I changed calendar default email address I can accept/decline invitation.

    Can anybody help me here

    11-23-12 07:24 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    Sounds like the accounts are linked or Google thinks your wife's account is an alias.

    Managing 'Send mail as' account behavior with the 'Treat as an alias' setting - Gmail Help

    If you have set up any type of Mail delegation, then this link may help.


    I would also start by removing your gmail account from your Berry before trying any of these, and testing it via a browser to see if the fixed/corrected. Turn off all Labs in Gmail as well before making any changes.
    11-24-12 12:17 AM

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