1. mrjspeed's Avatar
    I have a Curve 9360 on BES, BBOS 7, work issued. I want to have a personal calendar to schedule things like birthdays, dr appointments, etc... I want to be able to schedule those things on my BB and have them post to a calendar and be able to see it on my webos/android tablet, and on my wife's iPhone.

    Basically the tablet and iPhone work great with almost any calendar: Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail/Outlook. All of them sync and posting new appointments work well both ways.

    Nothing works on the BB. It doesn't get new appointments, and new appointments don't get posted to the calendars from the BB. I tried Google Sync for GMail calendar, but it only works one way. If I make an appt on my BB, it won't update GMail and that will be the scenario for most of these appts. Also, Google discontinued Sync for BB a few months ago. I don't want to make personal appointments on my work calendar and I don't want to have to sync the phone via a cable to a desktop computer. What I don't understand is that it allows me to add these calendars to the BB, and I can post appointments on them, but it only will keep the information locally on the phone?

    I did some searching and have seen others with this problem, but I it has been a few years since those posts and I was hoping for some kind of progress here in 2012 where just about any Android/iOS device works with all of those popular personal calendars. I just want a solution that allows me to make appointments on the BB and have it show up on my other devices, even if it means using some convoluted forwarding solution.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
    08-16-12 10:25 AM
  2. fschmeck's Avatar
    I'm able to sync fine on my 9360 and Google calendar. Just did a test adding the entry on the BB, and it showed up on the web page. I didn't do anything special other than add the Gmail account to my BB just like any other, the make sure it is selected as the calendar when I add an event.

    In my case, when I go int the setup and look at my accounts, then select the gmail account, I can see "Calender" as one of the synchronization options.

    Now I also use yahoo (actually, that's my primary calendar) but unfortunately although I can add it in, it doesn't put my events up to the web. A help page on yahoo say this it won't sync.

    Another option you can try is to pull in calendars to tungle.me maybe? Haven't done it myself, but since RIM owns it that might be another way? Still, Google's calendar should work.
    08-17-12 01:45 PM
  3. mrjspeed's Avatar
    When you told me your Gmail was working out of the box it gave me energy to go try everything over again. I checked that Calendar was checked on the syncing option. I unchecked and rechecked and tried to save. It gave an error message that led me to a thread on this forum that suggested removing the account and re-adding it, having calendar checked for sync options on the initial setup. I tried that.

    It works! Well, when I add a calendar event from BB it shows up on the web right away. When I add on the web, it shows up a while later, which is fine. I don't guess there are push-events for calendar additions.

    I can't tell you how this changes the way I look at my phone now. I won't need another device to carry with me at all times. What's crazy is every time I searched for this, people either said it didn't work or that Google Sync was the only solution.

    Thanks again!
    08-17-12 04:14 PM