1. atickedbrit's Avatar
    Hi Guys,
    I really need to kinow if my 9350 is really screwed up and if i should hit it with a 10 pound hammer.....i had an error on it and i decided to use BBSAK to erase all and do a fresh install.....i wish i had just used jl cmdr and removed the currup cod files......regardless of what i do it will not load at all.....i have tried all the help found on here and the net and tried in both windows 7 laptop and windows xp home computers.......even trying to go direct to the common files and using the handheld uploader....i have been at this for 2 days...i have uninstalled and reinstalled..rebooted etc but all to no avail......SSAK sees the pin and desktop software sees it as a curve 3580 but thats as far as they go....ssak says no os installed.....but i went to the site for my carrier and got it and installed.....desktop says....loading ram image and then says after a long time unable to connect.....even though it sees it as a curve.....the phone has a 507 screen and when i try to load the os the screen goes black and the red power ligh just blinks about a 5 flash sequence......i am not computer illiterate so this is not rocket science but i am at a lose.....any info would be great.....i would like to get it running just because...even though on monday i get a new ipad from the company.

    thanks for reading
    a ticked off blackberry user.
    11-18-12 03:36 PM
  2. djenkins6's Avatar
    Have you tried removing the battery and connecting it to your computer like that.
    11-18-12 03:43 PM

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