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    I purchased a Blackberry Curve 9360 from a friend for 50.

    So I can't take it back to the shop or anything. I told them about the problem I found with the phone they said it wasn't like that when they had it?

    The problem with the phone is that the '^aA' logo keeps appearing in the right hand corner of the phones screen. When this appears, I can not use ANY buttons, I press them and nothing happens! Even the awnser and end call, back and blackberry menu buttons don't work when this logo is in the corner. The only thing that does work is trackpad movement, but you can't click on anything using the trackpad as this won't work when the logo is their also.

    However if I hold down the '^aA' key on my blackberry whilst this logo is in the corner, all the keys seem to work, whilst I am holding this button down!

    The logo does not disappear if I pull the battery. I've checked for updates their isn't any. I've reloaded the software, still the same problem!

    Is their any fixes for this phone? Or is it heading for the bin
    11-08-12 08:22 AM

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