1. Adgeatic's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    It would be so awesome to either get this problem resolved or be pointed twards6 the right direction:

    So I have my old Blackberry Curve 9360 containing important contacts and memos which I want to retrieve by transferring them to Blackberry Desktop Software. However, the problem is that when the Bluetooth was enabled on the phone, the Blackberry Curve just constantly reboots without giving me a chance to deactivate the Bluetooth from the screen (as the home screen appears for about 10-15 seconds, either frozen or able to move around it though all of the phone options aren't booted yet).

    I've tried the following:

    - Hard reset (the most obvious since the Blackberry Curve is on a constantly reboot).

    - Restarting the Blackberry Curve on 'Safe Mode' (it still reboots).

    - Plugging it via USB to my desktop with BlackBerry Desktop Software open in attempts to override the rebooting sequence (reboot still happens and overrides the desktop software).

    FYI: there is no password lock on phone.

    I know it's the Bluetooth because it was working fine until I attempted to activate it to transfer files to my new phone from a shared wifi connection (could not even get to the beginning stages)...

    So, did anyone ever have this problem with their old Blackberry? What are the options as far as solutions to either stop the rebooting or retrieving the files? Is there a certified repair service place in the US I can reach to fix it? Is there a way to bypass the automatic rebooting so I can disable bluetooth? Any way to stop Bluetooth from activiating?

    Any help for this situation would be great, as I hit a wall and just watch this phone constantly reboot.

    12-16-18 03:55 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss...

    Don't know of any certified repair for BlackBerry Devices anymore... I'd suggest that you try a few repairs shops locally.

    If it's 100% the Bluetooth, and it's modular... they might could unplug it and see if the phone boots.
    12-17-18 07:39 AM
  3. BlackGuy's Avatar
    It's your battery. Batteries have a memory point. Cop a new one. Problem fixed.
    12-23-18 03:48 PM

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