1. joeyxl's Avatar
    Hello everyone, i just recently received a Curve 8360 from my brother after my android has a damaged digitizer ( ) and i love this little guy! there's 2 things that are odd with this certain unit though, one i know why now.

    1. the usb port is not working with blackberry usb cables, unless i jiggle it around a bit. using an android usb cable that's built a tiny bit different on the micro-usb side has remedied this issue and can charge and use media sync on my PC with no problems.

    2. the battery has some weird things happening to it. the charge has been worn a bit on it so it doesn't last as long as it should, but when the phone is at 50%, it will drop to 30 if i reboot the phone, or wait a few minutes after it hits 50. also when i charge it, it will go from 30%-50% in 3 minutes. is this the phone or the battery?

    so i plan to buy a battery if this will fix the battery life issues, as well as getting a housing off of ebay, and this thing will look brand new . i would love to have this a current phone as well as my backup when i buy a new phone the future.
    02-17-13 01:36 PM
  2. deezy87's Avatar
    Well the meter [battery] might need to be calibrated....on a weekend when you're home just pay music, games, browse. Essentially you want to kill the battery. I, every other month get it to when the radio shuts off, due to low battery. Then turn it completely off dnd have it charge overnight or few hours til its good to go. OR it could be that you need an OS update on it perhaps too. That probably isn't the reason, but having the most current OS doesn't hurt hahahahaha
    02-17-13 04:07 PM
  3. joeyxl's Avatar
    ive let it die many times. also its been updated to latest one (made sure that was the first thing i did )

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    02-17-13 04:25 PM
  4. kye2000's Avatar
    new battery works i did it with mine nd i had the same prob
    02-18-13 04:08 PM
  5. joeyxl's Avatar
    yeah im ordering a new one off ebay tommrow, also ive fallen in love with backberry again :s

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    02-18-13 10:27 PM

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