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    Has anyone had battery draining problems with any of this applications? I have all of them installed but I don't know which one affects the most my battery.
    BlackBerry App World
    Battery Saver
    Application Resource Monitor
    Photo Studio
    Screen Muncher
    Battery Pack
    Passcode Lock
    iLock (Application Resource Monitor keeps saying it affects my BlackBerry and shuts it down even if I'm not using it)

    Also I want to know if someone knows any method to know which app is affecting your battery. Thanks!!
    Using BlackBerry 9360 and recently purchased 1500mah battery for more duration.

    I also heard that if you go to Application Management then to the CPU tab and choose Today, you will see the applications from highest to lowest that drain your battery. Is that true?
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    I would delete all battery saver apps.

    I never got anything from a saver app. Thats not true, it costs battery

    If your BB OS is saying iLock is bad for your resources aka Battery life I would go for it and uninstall the app. Especially to test if it causing your issues.

    My 9900 is losing one to two percent per hour in idle now, (

    Before I had some issues with a combination of two apps + one OS version, causing up to 9% drain per hour without actively using the device.

    How much do you lose per hour, the build in data analyzer app is very helpfull for that.
    12-05-12 05:05 PM
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    I have deleted Battery Saver, It didn't worked, and I never used it. And I also deleted iLock.

    Do you recommend me to stay with Battery Pack or SmartBindie or delete both? They are applications that show the percentage of the battery in the homescreen
    Battery Pack alerts you when the battery is full, low or critical with customizable device alerts and popups. It has tools, memory booster and see what's running. Buy Battery Pack - Download Battery Pack - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World
    SmartBindie just shows the battery indicator in the homescreen. http://appworld.blackberry.com/webst...13048/?lang=en

    If you can you can check the links of appworld.
    I don't know if those 2 apps are useless, or if they really help. What do you recommend me to do?

    Battery Drain Rate 9% per hour when I use it. It didn't do that before, until I installed those apps this week.
    Idle: 3% per hour.
    Today I charged it until the battery reached 100, from 7 to 10 am the battery was already at 60.
    Even though I have battery saving mode enabled as always on.
    I deleted Battery Saver and iLock and I can see a difference.
    Do you recommend me to delete any other apps that I listed?


    I checked BlackBerry Device Analyzer and it says
    Date Range: Dec 05 00:00 - 12 00:00
    Battery Drain Rate (Normal) 1.89%/hr
    Battery Charge Rate 46.37%/hr
    Average Level 99.69%

    Date Range: Dec 05 00:00 - 06 00:00 shows the same.

    Date Range Dec 05 20:0021:00
    Battery Drain Rate (High) 5.0%/hr
    Battery Charge Rate 0.0%/hr
    Average Level99.19%
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    Mine shows I am using 0.89% per hour. BUT, when I got up this morning the battery was down to 68% this morning when I got up.

    So, is it accurate?
    12-06-12 01:58 PM

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