1. Sparky4010's Avatar
    Can get to the Email Accounts icon in the Set-up OK but on selecting it, instead of getting a list of my email accounts, I get Checking for updates... and a rotating clock which eventually stops offering 'Your connection to the mobile network is turned on but you are not in a wireless coverage area'. However, the Curve is connected to the WiFi so shouldn't matter, and no list of email accounts in sight. And also need to add a new email account. If I try again, goes round the same loop. Any ideas?
    03-03-17 04:48 AM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    Among several other things your accounts are not syncing. I suspect you're having trouble with your gmail account.
    Several days ago, their was a glitch in Google causing accounts to be signed out.
    It can only be repaired through your web browser from a home computer. WiFi will not help.
    The process is a slight hassle so best prepare yourself with a positive attitude, don't let the program beat you.
    You'll come out of it having learned some new tricks that you didn't know about before.

    When everything is running correctly and syncing.... then you'll get a notification on your mobile device telling you to update account information, which you will do through the "Setting" app.

    If that is not your problem, I've got lots of other ideas... although most of them never seem to work.

    03-04-17 12:57 AM

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