1. 1PopcornHottie's Avatar
    Hello! I have been wanting a blackberry for the longest. I was finally able to pick one up yesterday (9310 - Boost Mobile) yesterday because I lost my other phone.....

    So I am trying to get familiar with it. I have not used facebook, twitter, youtube, web, or even emails yet. Right now I'm at the stage of adding my contacts.

    So are we or should we be using the anti virus,anti spyware on our blackberrys? Super rookie/newbie here.

    Thanks in Advance!
    10-28-12 11:57 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Nothing out there, because there's nothing needed.
    10-29-12 12:11 AM
  3. AidenSurvival's Avatar
    No need for anti-virus.
    1PopcornHottie likes this.
    10-29-12 02:29 AM

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