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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to Crackberry, but not new to Blackberry! I've had quite a few in the past from a 8703 with the side scroll to a Storm, and a Torch for a month before I lost my mind Now as of yesterday I traded up from a 8530 which had seen better days, to a 9310. I was playing with the FM Radio feature this morning, when I discovered no one had called me. I used my landline phone to test the connectivity as Boost has questionable service inside my home and I was going to voicemail after 10+ rings. I shut down the radio and without moving the phone called again. Started ringing! I performed this test 5 times inside and outside my house and wanted to know if anyone has the same issue or if I'm alone?

    Hope to make a few connections and maybe have a little more conversation on here in the future.

    12-02-12 03:24 PM

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