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    Hello. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Seidio extended JS1 battery in the 9310. Every description I see does not mention it's compatibility with the 9310, only the 9300 etc. If it does not work, does anyone know of an ex-bat that will work for this device? I contacted Seidio and they have not replied yet. Also, I am guessing the Otterbox Commuter will no longer fit with the new battery. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    Thanks in advance
    01-08-13 03:53 PM
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    If you can't find one specifically for 9310 try looking for 9320..same phone different radio.
    My wife has the 9310 and the Battery last two days. Its probably the best I've ever seen on a 

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    01-08-13 03:59 PM
  3. worldpeas's Avatar
    Figured I would try again, here is a live chat from Seidio:
    Enable Alert Sound
    Please wait for the next available representative…
    Customer64: *** Accepted the Chat ***
    You are next in queue. We will be with you in just a moment.

    Natalie: Hello! Thank you for contacting Seidio Online! How can I help you today?

    Customer64: hello, i know you have an extended js1 blackberry phone, can you tell me which devices it is compat with?

    Customer64: blackberry battery*

    Natalie: We have all different sizes for different phones. What type of phone are you looking phone?

    Customer64: 9310 your product listing says 9300 compatibility but it does not mention if it works with the 9310

    Customer64: also, i have read that you have a 3000 mah and a 2600, which is correct please?

    Natalie: Let me find out more information.

    Customer64: okay i have been tole that the 9320 (a more common device) uses the same js1 battery

    Natalie: It is hard to say for sure. The 9310 is a little smaller than the 9300

    Customer64: do you have a 9320 compat battery? i thought the 9300 took a js1 battery (the same as my device)

    Natalie: I would suggest looking at forums to try to see if they are compatible. We do not have anything specifically for the 9310. Also we don't have anything for the 9320 either.

    Natalie: I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Customer64: no problem

    Customer64: is there not a way to talk to the tech team @seidio and ask... i am willing to wait for an official answer

    Natalie: Unfortunately, our tech support is offline for the evening. However, you can always call our technical support line! The number is 832-204-1118.

    Customer64: okay are they east coast or west coast based?

    Natalie: Central time.

    Customer64: thank you

    I will post an update if I hear an answer. Now it's off to ask a few more dumb questions
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    01-08-13 04:18 PM
  4. bigbob417's Avatar
    Just took a look through the CB store, the 9300 takes the CS-2 battery.
    03-10-13 12:48 PM

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