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    Don't know where to begin with this.

    Woke up with mobile in my hand this morning and a message saying something like, 'Deletion will take place on Restart'. I realised that this must mean What'sApp, as the icon had disappeared. Had I accidentally pressed the delete button between dozes - who knows?

    I thought I'd lost everything, but took hope from the fact that, if I went to send an ordinary Text I could still 'Compose a What'sApp' message. This then led me to all the WhatsApp conversations and contacts, which were intact.

    It's not the first time an icon has disappeared, but that's usually a sign that an update has happened. Switching off and switching on has brought it back.

    I next went into Blackberry World to see if it was listed under Apps or Dowloads, which it wasn't. Unfortunately, on leaving Blackberry World, it started Blackberry Updates, restarted my mobile and apparently ditched all my What'sApp messages and contacts. I could find WhatsApp files on my Media Card, (with suffix 'ota' I think, but these have now gone as well).

    I therefore hooked up with my laptop and backed-up everything current to 10th October, (presumably minus any WhatsApp messages). I've kept this on my laptop. Then I restored from my previous back-up of 1st October, where I knew there would be WhatsApp messages. However, they still haven't appeared and I still don't have What'sApp. The only file I have on my laptop is photos sent to me with WhatsApp messages.

    My only thought so far is to reinstall What'sApp and hope they did a 4 a.m. backup, which appears to be the case for some of their users. I gather this is valid for 7 days, or have I got that wrong?

    Sorry to ramble. I've looked on two or three forums, but all relate to restoring messages only; not to what happens when What'sApp disappears and seemingly takes your messages with it.

    Would really appreciate your help, as there are some incredibly precious memories in recent messages.

    Thank you.
    10-10-14 08:04 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Now that is strange. Never had that happen. Have you been able to recover it?
    10-17-14 07:20 AM

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