1. Eimantas Jasinauskas's Avatar
    Hello guys, I am trying to set-up my phone to work as a wireless router. I have opticfibre internet connection (100Mb/s) on my PC , but I also have a laptop which has no internet connection (only one cable coming to my flat) at the moment i do not have a normal router. what i want to do is PC ---> Blackberry ---> WiFi ----> laptop. is this possible?
    01-25-13 12:50 PM
  2. sbx9900's Avatar
    I don't know how you can transfer internet connection from your pc to laptop via your BB.

    HOWEVER, if you have Blackberry Internet Service on your phone, you can use your internet service on your phone to get internet service on your laptop through tethering. Open Blackberry Desktop Software on your laptop, connect your BB to your laptop via USB, click on the Tools tab on BB desktop software, and click start mobile internet.

    Once you got it going, your laptop will use your data subscription on your BB phone.
    01-25-13 01:10 PM
  3. Eimantas Jasinauskas's Avatar
    the problem is the laptop eats up the data real quick, and i have unlimited access right next to it;/ i was using that before
    01-25-13 01:15 PM
  4. lunaticwithin's Avatar
    I think your best bet is to go buy a wireless router to plug into the modem at home to enable wireless access for your laptop.

    There is no way to achieve this with a blackberry.
    01-25-13 03:17 PM

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