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    You may have previously seen my Top Applications & Top Games threads on other forums, but now it's time to conquer the phones, and, as I own a BlackBerry Curve 9320, I thought I'd write one for that first.

    Now, I know there is an extensive collection of apps on App World for phones, but some of them are either over-expensive or worthless. Also, apps that are by RIM themselves tend to be the best ones, although, I'll exclude the pre-loaded ones from the list.

    BlackBerry Bridge Normally, this isn't pre-loaded, but it's great if you have a BlackBerry PlayBook because it means that you can use your phone as a remote, which becomes useful with tools online that are compatible with PlayBook, but need pinpoint accuracy, and when you want to present a powerpoint.

    BlackBerry Travel - Planning to go traveling? This is a great app for you. You can plan just about everything, and this app will help you through it. If an email comes through about plane info, it will alert you, and if you are wating for a flight, and don't know what time it's arriving or departing, you can set it up for that too. It also has some nifty features such as a currency converter, world clocks and weather, booking a taxi for pickup from an airport, booking hotels, renting cars, reserving limos, searching flights and more.

    Foursquare - Now, if you're not aware of what Foursquare is, it's a social network, and if you've ever heard of people on twitter tweeting about everything they do, this is similar. Don't fret! It's a little less annoying than that.... depending on who uses it. The idea is that when you o to a fancy resturaunt, or on a big shopping trip, or you're at a cinema, then you can 'Check in' and it will post it to whatever social network you have connected., so that people know what you're up to. Don't update your check in on things like "In ASDA, buying grapes", because that sort of thing is what gets annoying. Update your check in on things like "MEN Arena - Watching _______", because that's a lot more interesting. I advise you sign up on your computer though.

    Evernote - I've explained this one before, it's like an advanced memo, more so for the phone version. Taking notes and saving them to your evernote account. You can create text notes, voice notes, snapshot (for notes you may have made in a real-life notebook, and this is also great for Evernote's Smart Notebook, as it will turn them into real notes), or you can just upload a file.

    Facebook Messenger - Here is an app that was not made by RIM, but Facebook, inc. Itself. It is a better way to manage Facebook messages, rather than jumping into the Facebook client all the time, you can just go right to your messages with this, and it still holds exactly the same functionality.

    Spotify This is a more socially-open version of BBM Music,as it connects to Facebook. But it works in more-or-less the same way, and has more of an easier user interface.

    TuneIn Radio - There aren't many great radio apps on BlackBerry devices nowadays, but this serves the purpose. With loads of radio stations, you can be "the life of the party" with it. You can connect your BlackBerry to a speaker, and blast out stations like Capital FM and more.

    Photo Studio - This is one of the best, and most powerful photo editing apps you can get on your BlackBerry, so I advise you download it. Rather than jumping on a computer, or going to your PlayBook for quick editing solutions, this is a mobile one! for your phone. Hooorah!

    Thanks for reading. More Top's soon. Watch out for a Top Themes, and a Top Games one!
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    01-02-13 04:37 PM
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    Don't forget the venerable Podtrapper. The classic podcasts manager for BB. I've had it on four devices now and use it every day.
    01-05-13 11:49 AM
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    File scout with wifi share and dropbox plug
    01-15-13 12:20 AM

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