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    Good evening.

    Basically, I've noticed that the "S" key on my qwerty keyboard is EXTREMELY clicky. Compared to all the other keys on the keyboard, which make a sort of "soft" click; this "S" key makes a comparably loud click, that has more of a snap to it, than a click.

    Just wondering if this is anything I should be worried about, or if it'll just go away after a few days/weeks of use. (Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I'm new to Blackberry phones, so I don't know if it's to be concerned about or not.)

    I bought the phone 3 days ago, and it is my first Blackberry phone, which I bought to accompany my Playbook. So far, I'm loving it - just as much as I love my Playbook!

    But yes, any suggestions will be, and are, greatly appreciated!
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    01-30-13 04:29 PM
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    I developed an annoying click on my "Back " key, it would almost chirp. I almost wanted to return it, but I broke it in more, it went away. Try spamming the s key, it should wear-in a bit. Good luck bud

    edit I think the curve 9320 is one of the best OS 7 devices you can buy. Loved it. hope you like it too
    02-06-13 02:18 AM

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