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    Hi All,
    As a die hard blackberry lover, and after currently moving to a different country, I have purchased a new BB 9320 phone (since I want to buy soon BB10 device ) , and previously my company had me an 8320. Well after connecting with the BB Desktop Utility I managed without a lot of hastle to transfer all my programs, contacts and settings from one phone to the other as well as my BB ID. The problem I have, is that the new phone uses a different carrier therefore the original email settings could not work. When I did the transfer, I had my two email folders (original emails from my BB 8320) with a kind of grayish colour while when I entered of course all my emails where there. Then, naturaly I could not send nor receive an email. What I did I configured then under the same settings my emails under the new carrier. After that I got 2 new email folders icons which where white colour like the central message icon but they where under my email addresses and not as an alias eg myname@gmail.com and myname@companyemail.com. I renamed then my account aliases at the same names as my old email folders which where grayish so the one became Demetris Gmail and the other Demetris (Company Name). After that I think my old email folder kind of merged with the new email folders and now I have 2 grayish folders. When I go into folder browsing in email I can see that I have 2 times the same names (naturally my old and new settings). My emails work, come and go and notifications come up without problems at the correct folder but I have not found a way to delete my older folders so I have them as white colour folder icons. Like this I think my phone is sick!!! Please can someone help me!!!
    Thanks in advance

    Sorry for the edit just one verification. The email folder icon is definately not hidden but blueish grayish colour just in case someone thinks is just hidden folder. This is on BIS and not on BES.
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